I wrote/mailed tax checks today...

Now I’m gonna spend the little play money left over in the 3 for $10 bins.

Ain’t got nuthin left over for the Tech Das Air Force One.

It’s a sad day. The IRS is one of the few reasons I keep a checkbook.



If only people could organize. We could all refuse to pay any more taxes. Start with property tax. 

Republicans want your freedom….

Democrats want your money….

‘Two heads of the same snake….

A Flat tax is my preferred choice…

I pay a butt load every dang year…  It sucks supporting freeloaders!



Funny....I never had to write a check to the tax man until Trump changed the tax code. Never has there been a president that wanted to punish the people that didn't vote for him. I guess why he lost 2020.

Why are so many of you still writing checks?

For estimated taxes, the IRS site takes electronic payments.  In March-April, TurboTax takes my bank routing and account numbers, then off the money goes.

I'm intrigued by the transition from the checkbook to electronic banking.

If someone has more information on this subject and is willing to fax it to me, I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you.