Ian McDonald of King Crimson and Foreigner dies at 75 RIP

RIP Ian.

I will be listening to my entire King Crimson collection tonight.




I guess the only member of the band I ever thought of was Mick Jones ..

Not Greg Lake?

Or Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew or Bill Bruford?

The musicians in this band over the years are wonderful.


     Truly a huge loss.  A founder of King Crimson.  What a clarinet, flute, saxophone player( woodwind and reeds) along with mellotron, keyboards guitar and songwriter of eclectic and beautiful progressive music.  He played all keyboards and mellotron in addition to reeds and woodwind on ITCOTKC. Ian was involved in the songwriting on every song from this release and wrote the instrumental parts to I talk to the Wind and In the Court of the Crimson King solely with Peter Sinfield writing lyrics. RIP Sir McDonald.  Your music and spirit live on!