IC recommendations for McIntosh MC275

Does anyone have any recommendations for good balanced ICs for the McIntosh MC275?

My system consists of the PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport connected by HDMI to the Perfect Wave DAC/digital preamp connected directly to the McIntosh. (This means I only need one pair of 1.5 meter balanced ICs.) My speakers are Sehring 703s.

I like this setup enormously using fairly cheap ICs, but I think I can improve upon soundstage and bass response with better ICs. My budget is flexible, but I would have a really hard time spending more than $1K on a pair of ICs given the cost of the other components in the system.

Cables I am considering are Gabriel Golds (either Revelation or Rapture) or Cardas Golden Reference, preferably used. But I am open to suggestions.
I have all McIntosh in my system and have used the Cardas GR with great success. I later upgraded my loudspeakers and McIntosh amps and found Cardas much too warm. I changed over to the new Kimber Select line and could`nt be happier. That being said try before you buy if possible.
You'll want to find cables that don't add a "warmth" to your system. After happily using single-ended JPS Superconductor 2s for some time with my McIntosh tube pre and power amps because of their neutral sound, I decided to try the Crystal Cable Micro interconnects and speaker cables. They preserved the neutrality and added more speed and clarity. Later, trying a set of JPS Superconductor 3 interconnects with my SC2 speaker cables I found they maintained the speed and clarity with a bit more "energy". Crystal Cable products further up their product line may be equivalent. I'd be happy with either.
you should also try anticable or morrow audio ma3 or or ma4...for morrow audio you have 60 days tryout, so it's pretty good...right now I'm using morrow audio ma3 it's good, i'm trying auditioning...