IC's and Speaker cables

OK, I need IC's and speaker cables for my system. I have no idea where to start. This is the last of my quest. I have KEF 207/2's a Pass Labsx350.5 and Aesthetix Calypso pre, Music Hall 9.1 TT and Marantz SA004 CD. You would laugh at what I have for cabling now. Question is -How do I "tame" an overly accurate response. As my speakes are rated relatively "low"(25hz) I want some "weight" to my sound.Some "oomph". Budget is dependent, but up to $2000 for both IC's and speakers. Thanks
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$2k may not be enough even in used prices but you can try.
Get interconnects first and work your way down; unless you see a really good deal on speaker cables and decide to work your way up. Good cables make huge difference if your hearing is good including power cords.
For you I would strongly recommend the Fusion Audio Romance interconnects. It is like adding a tube component to your chain but in a good way. Warmth, presence and body is its forte. But it doesnt slow down or muddy the music like some other warm sounding cables do. Talk to Eric Love, I am sure he will allow you a trial period. I think you will love it.

For speaker cables I would suggest Crimson Audio RM Musiclink from UK. Natural, smooth, open sound without a hint of compression.
I have used Harmonic Technology Magic with the Pass and Aestetix gear with superb results. The Harmonic Tech Pro Silway III is REALLY good too and less $$$. Harmonic Technology Pro 9 speaker cable used is a bargain and again REALLY good.
I am seriously looking ay Harmonic Tech. Is it the Magic or Magic II IC? I have read nothing but good things about the Magic II but don't know much about the Magic. I have also been looking seriously at the Pro+(Bi-wire.)I would drop coin on either if someone strongly recommended it in a similar system. Thanks for the reply