IC's for Electrocompaniet EMC1


Finally bought the EMC1 that I was craving for... (the MK1 version....we'll see about the upgrade).

My question is what interconnectors should I use from the EMC1 to my processor (Integra Research RDC-7). I dont want to spend a fortune on the one hand but would like to fully benefit from the EMC1 on the other.

I appreciate any input and/or suggestions (especially from EMC1 owners). If it matters, I am using Transparent Super XL speaker cables and Jmlabs 920.1 as mains in a 50/50 music/HT setup. Thanks for the assistance.

I tried the Nordost quatrro fil, NBS Monitor 0, Synergistics Resolution Ref,Transparent Reference, Acoustic Zen Silver ref and a bunch of others on my EMC 1 over the years and I settled with the Siltech SQ-88B Gold SE. Of course YMMV depending on the rest of your equipments, and another thing I think the EMC 1 sounds better with balanced cables than single ended.
Happy Hunting.
You do not state a budget so I will just list some cables that work very well. Nordost Blue Heaven and Synergistic Phase 1 if you are on a tight budget.

If you are willing to spend more look at Synergistic Phase 2 and Cardas Golden Cross.

If you are willing to spend even more consider Synergistic Designer Reference. A great match with the EMC 1
Purist Audio Design Maximus or Colossus are great.Any Cardas is garbage by comparison,this is not system dependent.PAD Proteus is even better but expensive.