Ideal SUT for Lyra Olympos cartridge?

I have a Lyra Olympos on a Graham Phantom arm and like this combination alot. I am looking for the SUT that can best match this cartridge. I've got a rather inexpensive Cinemag which simply doesn't highlight the attricutes of this cartridge at all. Price aside, what would fellow Goners suggest and where to get it. Auditorium, Express, Shindo, looking for some meat on the bones type of sound and hopefully some flexibility for future carts.
I have owned many SUTs over the years, from Cinemag to Audio Note and more. IMHO, SUTs built on the Hashimoto transformers sound best with the collection of MC cartridges that I have tried. I suggest that you contact John Parker at Choir Audio. John builds an excellent, modestly priced SUT around your choice of either the Hashimoto HM-3 or HM-7 parts.

Last year I purchased the less expensive unit, the SUT-H. In my systems it was substantially better than the Audio Note AN-S4 Silver I was using, and was in a completely different league than the Cinemag. I would imagine that the HM-7 based unit is even better. Highly recommended.

Chior Audio SUTs
Dear Frontier1: IMHO the ideal SUT is NO SUT for that great cartridge. If you want to hear the Olympos " true " you need a good active high gain phono stage.

I think that if you own a Ferrari you don't put cycle tires " there ", right?

Regards and enjoy the music,