Ideas For Phono Cable For My Turntable.

I am looking to upgrade my phono cable which goes from my Technics SL1200g to my preamp.  It needs to be RCA on both ends with a ground wire. Presently I am using a VPI cable left over from my old Scout. The VPI cable was made by Discovery.  There is nothing wrong, I just want something better.  VH Audio has a Furutech silver cable at under $600 (max I want to spend) but never heard it and not sure I want silver. There is a Nordost Frey used for around $600 but never heard that either.  I am open to any ideas.  I want to keep the cable at 1 meter. 
I have the same table.  I use silver Audio Sensibility phono cables.  Sounds quite nice.Nothing wrong with the arm, IMO.
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I plan on replacing my ZU modified DL-103 cartridge for a Dynavector DV20X2L cartridge and thought I would upgrade the cable at the same time.
Here’s something else to consider - replacing the ZU might not be your best option

Just have the stylus and cantilever upgraded on the ZU DL 103 and keep the cables you have - cost around $399 - you will notice a significant improvement - like...
  • details
  • clarity
  • imaging
  • dynamics
  • bass depth and texture
Cartridge Rebuilding / Retipping | Soundsmith (

I was using a stock DL 103 and saw that Soundsmith offered a stylus and cantilever replacement
  • I purchased one of their last Denon DL103’s they had upgraded with a Ruby cantilever and an Optimized Contour Contact Line stylus.
  • I then epoxied a brass plate to the cartridge - basically having the same impact as the ZU headshell - i.e. improving cartridge rigidity and mounting
  • The cantilever/stylus combination allowed the DL 103 to show just how good it can be - which is stunning
I think I might opt for a Shibata profile next time - the Contact Line requires extremely precise alignment using a mirrored protractor and some much younger eyes - but it does sound amazingly detailed :-)

I’m now thinking of having my other spare DL103 "re-tipped" as well

The upgraded DL 103 is an amazing cartridge that is capable of so much more than the stock spherical stylus and aluminum cantilever could deliver and it didn’t lose any of its original "charm"

I’ve read on this forum that there are several other people that can do the same modifications and maybe a little more affordable and timely manner than Soundsmith, so scan the forums for details

Here are some so start with
Worldwide List of Phono Cartridge Retippers and Rebuilders -

Some people would say don’t bother upgrading a $230 cartridge - but most people that do this upgrade are extremely happy with the results.

I did read one disappointed post on another forum, but he opted to have a new finer stylus installed on the existing aluminum cantilever - which is not a good option at all

You might want to consider the Boron cantilever - I’ve read some people prefer that, but I will stick with the Ruby

Just something else to ponder :-)

Regards - Steve

Check out Triode Wire Labs. I replaced all of my Silver Audio cables with TWL. Copper cables that are very smooth, open and transparent. Not colored or rolled off. Pete is a great guy and offers a trial period.