Ideas for Pre/Power $9000?

Currently need to replace a receiver. I don't have many local options for auditioning. My system consists of the following; Elac Debut F6, Pro-Ject Debut Pro, Pro-Ject S2 stage, NAS and streaming. I listen in a regular ol' family room with no treatments. Mostly like metal genre. Budget is $9k ish.


@lfromsalem Check out the Paradigm Founders speakers, then report back your findings/preferences.  This would help us to narrow down other choices.  The Paradigm Founders got great reviews, seemingly a high value choice.

A used Hegel H360/H390 with the DAC is a popular/safe option.  

Agree - choose the speaker first, then compatible electronics.

Preamp+Amp vs Integrated - A separate preamp, amp, and DAC may make more sense if you plan to upgrade individual components later, but is more costly in extra boxes and cabling. An Integrated is a better economic "value" but cannot later update individual components.  

I'm excited for you - a $9k speaker+integrated update should be a major sonic uptick.  

Demoing speakers is best, ideal if in own system. But finding local stores can be difficult.  I demoed high-end stores in SF Bay Area and LA area, went to major audio shows like AXPONA, T.H.E Show, RMAF (RIP), Pacific Audio Fest before choosing my speakers.  I purchased an AXPONA demo pair.

HegeL H590. Read some reviews that include measurements. On the used market they should be available. 2017 I tried a bunch of int's and separates in a similar price and power and the hegel H360 back then) was clearly the most neutral and dynamic. The h590 has more wpc, double the headroom and a new dac and now that the H600 is out the 50 should be a bargain.