Ideas for used SS amp

Looking to sell one of my Cary V12R's and get a SS amp with higher power to open up the bass units on Von Scweikert VR4 HSE speakers. I am considering the Levinson No.336 and the
Pass X350. Any views or advice would help.
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I was planning on using the one V12 for the top end and a used SS for bottom,right now I'm using 2 V12's.
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2nd the Hafler suggestion. ie:( The DH-500 will drive you up a wall with it's fan noise. Other than that; they're a potent bass amp. The TransNova 9300/9303 and 9500/9505 are all fast and testicular(with no fan) which makes them excellent woofer amps. You'll have to attentuate whatever you get to match the drive of the amps. A Synergistic Research AC Powermaster will make a world of difference with one of these, BTW.