Ideas on speaker like Magnepan but with high WAF

I'm looking for speakers that throw a big sound stage, great imaging and do all the things Maggies do but aren't the size of a door (actually two).

A speaker set up that would provide the 3d sound I'm after for around $2k without visually dominating the room. Floorstander or stand mounted.

Suggestions on non-planar speakers that come close in sound or better?
The Martin Logan Vista deal right now is a once in life time to get that 3d sound for a great Price.They sold for $4300 and they are now $1998 a pair
free shipping' from Audio Adivor.I just got a pair and they are just killer.Add a good sub and they will do most all music well.Plus they good to.Bob
I would urge you to consider Eminent Technology LFT-8, absolutely stunning in the price range, my very good friend owns it and I have been listening to them in his ever evolving system since 4 years on a regular basis (twice a month for a 6 hour non stop session each time).

I have owned Maggies as well as Kef Reference in the past and can say for sure that if I was in the market today with same budget as yours I would not hesitate to get the LFT-8's. Sound stage to die for, and extremely open life-like sound.
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Audition some omnidirectional speakers, such as Ohm, or open baffle dynamic speakers. These give you the wide dispersion pattern that helps deliver the stereo imaging/soundstage you want to hear and they do it without the beaming problems of panels, which includes MLs and other electrostatics.

However, high WAF is a matter of taste. And face it, men buy their toys with looks in mind too.