Anyone has any experience with this audio company from Greece? I am specifically looking at their USB reclocker, the 3R Master Time Black Star (no idea why they picked such long name):


No. You can add the REF10 or REF10 SE120 for better performance but I haven't tried either.

I was using ideon 3R mastertime when I had antipodes CX/S30 as streamer. This was amazing add to my system. They created better imaging and focus. Also added more body and increased soundstage. Very hard to explain the benefits but I definitely missed it big time when I tried to take it out of system. 

Now I changed my streamer to aurender n20 and they have best spdif output. I am sticking to spdif output and will plan to stay with spdif. If I ever go back to USB ouput, I cannot stay without ideon 3R. In general ideon products are amazing and are very underrated. 

I’m using the 3R Master Time Black Star with my LDMS MiniMax streamer + Lampizator TRP2 Dac. Imo a fantastic Clock to get a very high and precise resolution. They’ve also a much cheaper option: 3R USB Renaissance mk2 Black Star. This is also a very good product. Maybe I‘ll buy one got my desktop system one day.