Idler wheel drive vs Belt

I noticed in the last day a frenzied bidding on an EMT 930 (plus arm/cartridge, etc) that went for $6.5Gs. Lots of money for a vintage kit. I also read some laudatory comments on the venerable Garrard 301 with boutique plinths. Anybody out there have experience with such, and can comment on whether I should abandon my purchase of a Teres and go for a 'transcription' turntable like Garrard 501 (with Schroeder DPM). Those vintage designs have lots of torque as they were used in radio stations, but don't seem to have close tolerance bearings or heavy platters. Yet some have thrown some serious positive comments on these vintage solutions. Is the magic real, and what contributes to it?
(I am not going to blow $6G on an EMT930 any day soon).
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I don't know if you have read the Lenco thread, but you can find a ton of info on this topic there. I have a Teres and love it, but still plan to build the Lenco some time in the future. I just can't resist the bang for the buck factor of the Lenco.

Either way will give you great results.

Bah! All of that is nonsense. I'm working on a Ferris wheel drive. They used to use these back in the 60's at amusement parks. Between that and the melodious strains of the calliope, I was in heaven.

I'm going with large gear and chain drive, driven by a high-torque 60 horsepower gas engine. Grease lubricated ball bearings, of course. And enough power to run the compressor for the calliope.

I can hear the wind-driven pipes now, with the beauteous notes of a polka enveloping my senses, and overlooking the whole amusement park from the dizzying heights of my Ferris wheel!


Umm, returning to earth for a minute, how about just buying what you like the sound of? Too mundane, I suppose.
In the end, it is all a matter of what YOU find most pleasing. There will be arguments on all sides - belt, idler, direct, etc. that are all very convincing in their own way. Of course, the only real way for YOU to know is to listen. Any and all of the approaches can work exceedingly well, IF well executed. If it is a design philosophy that most interests you, pick the one with which you agree most and find the table that executes it best. You will then most likely be well pleased. I have heard idler wheel, direct, and belt drives in my system - with widely varying budgets - one or more of each type with which I'd be happy to own forever. You can find what pleases you - just don't absolutely equate price to satisfaction.
I agree with Viridian. I have an SP-10MKIII in a very heavy well built cabinet.