If Cardas Clear Beyond and Shunyata Sigma V2 speaker cables had a child ....it would be ?

Hello Audiogoners - and yes this is an inconceivable question ( pun intended ) but stay with me please for a moment and let me know your thoughts. I currently own the Cardas Clear Beyond speaker cables and have really have enjoyed them the past few years. They are wonderfully musical and neutral for the most part but they have that Cardas magic in their DNA. Then enter the Shunyata SigmaV2 pedigree which brings a sense of immediacy to your system but also with some speed, clarity and dynamics. I own the Cardas and have listened to the Shunyata's, but what struck me is that they both have characteristics that are particular and somewhat exclusive to those cables that I really like. However, as I got to think which is NOT good in this hobby, what speaker cables capture the best musical attributes of both of these wonderful cables ?  The beauty and musicality of the Cardas but also has the clarity, immediacy and speed of the Shunyata's ? Let me know what you think and thank you in advance.           


That would be the Carnyata Bigma or the Shundas Sigmond.  Sorry.  I’ve always found Acoustic Zen cables to have a very nice blend of detail and musicality — natural and organic is how I’d describe it — with excellent 3D sound staging.  Why not give these Holograms a shot just for reference if nothing else, and if they don’t yield improvements just sell them for little/no loss.  So easy to buy/sell used cables, so what the hell?  Go play!


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It would be a low-priced but excellent mutt like the Blue Jeans Canare 4S11 at $2.30/ft unterminated or ~$59.00 for 10 ft. with locking bananas at both ends.

Q; “If Cardas Clear Beyond and Shunyata Sigma V2 speaker cables had a child ....it would be” 

A: Something very expensive made on the Oregon/Washington border. 

I had the Cardas Clear Beyond which were replaced by the Shunyata Sigma V2. The Cardas are as the poster described as are the Shunyata. I like both and if I had SS amplification I would go with the Cardas whereas for tubes which I have the Shunyata would be my choice. I think the Audience Front Row almost splits the difference between the two and at a lesser price. They are not as musical as the Cardas nor as detailed as Shunyata but they are a nice compromise and you get to keep a few bucks in your pocket. 

......well good morning and hope everyone had a memorable and happy Thanksgiving. Now back to work on my personal pursuit. Thank you for all of the answers as well the different companies to look into. I will throw out the Purist Audio Dominus Diamond into the mix and curious to anyone thoughts on that speaker cable. I enjoyed Purist years ago and as I went up the line the musicality was there but to me presented a '' darker '' sound and eventually moved on. This version is supposed to be more open and dynamic. In this price range there does not seem to be many choices. Then I noticed that there is a big marketing price gap as the next range of speaker cables gets into the atmosphere ........