If cost was no factor, what system would you build as your main audio system?

I realize there are some, who frequent this forum, who already fall into that category, but for many of the rest of us, even though we are quite happy with the systems we’ve built, maybe our dream system, if financially possible, would be something other, or more, than what we now have. What components do you now have and (if finances and circumstances, within reason, was no factor) what components would you add or change, to build your dream system?
We all have individual tastes and likes in music and different ideas of what audio components would most satisfy those likes - so, without being critical of someone else, lets throw out some ideas....Jim
I think some lovely restored Western Electric gear would work nicely. And field coil open baffle speakers. And a new bigger room for them!
+1 erik
I can’t think of many speakers over $10k either, that would impress me allot. I would, however, love to hear the new Maggie 30.7s, but they wouldn’t do me much good without a much larger space and the power to drive them.
My short list of speakers that might work nicely in my space:
Nicely refurbished Apogee Duetta Sigs.
Magnapan 3.7i
Spatial X2
With any of the above, especially the Apogees, I’d surely need an up grade in power...Jim

I'll tell you one thing - it would be simple, SS and something that could be left on all the time so I could just play music when I felt like without the warm-up rituals and all the other bs we go through sometimes.  Maybe an Accuphase integrated with one of their high-end SACD/CD spinners.  Speakers? A lot of good ones out there.  Maybe the Trenner & Friedl RA Box speaker.  Simple, elegant, non-analytical stuff.  But still quite expensive.  I've lost my taste for complexity, but not for good things.  
If I had the right room, (custom built), and the money,  the mbl Master Reference System would my mine.

Never heard anything better.