if i could trade places......

i hope we might have some fun with this one, while learning something of ourselves and imparting to others a bit about our unique tastes and passions. here’s the fill-in-the-blanks drill: if, for one night, i could trade places with a [musician, singer, participant-live or dead] in a concert by [a group, composer or individual-live or dead], I’d do so because [ reason or explanation ]. this is not a rigid construct but only a rough formulation of an idea for each to build upon.

i’ll give an example, by way of further explanation and as a “starter post,” as follows: if, for one night, I could have stepped out of my lawyer’s shoes and suit and taken on the role of another, I’d have chosen to be the tambourine player in eric clapton’s band that played and recorded the tracks that became the “unplugged” album. this part is one, even I, could have performed adequately and would have put me in the middle of a performance i judge to be among the most seminal of the last couple decades of the 20th century.
OK. A little more low brow now. I would love to be the backstage hand in charge of replacing broken and thrown drumsticks by Neil Peart of Rush. I think I could do that job and it would allow me to watch him from behind the kick drums.
Kelly, you chose badly. The tambourine is a harsh mistress. And Eric always liked me better.
My choice. I would say Robert Johnson, still alive of course, c. '67 (68?), in attendance at the Fillmore when Cream performed Crossroads. I wonder what he would have thought?
Beam me into E. Clapton the night he performed "Spoonful". Although compositionally challanged, the spirituallity, sincerity and intensity of this work add up to: "Big Medicine". Everything's alive about it...