If I rip all my CD's to flac files do I still need a CD transport?

I'm in the process of ripping all my CDs to .flac files with Exact Audio Copy. If I see a verified rip with no errors, is there any point in considering upgrading my CD player? Would I be better investing is a quality streamer and DAC?


I ripped all my CD’s to FLAC using dbPowerAmp, now they are just decoration on the shelf. I have no CD player. Yes, get good streamer and DAC separates. Don't believe those who say streamers don’t make a difference, they are a critical link to good sound. Also, pay attention to the user interface software offered by the streamer. The best sound in the world is not worth it if the software is lousy. 

First you ask, "do I still need a CD transport" and then you ask, "is there any point in considering upgrading" the transport. Those are two different questions. Even with CDs ripped to a streamer or NAS, I think it’s still convenient to keep a CD player in the system.