If I rip all my CD's to flac files do I still need a CD transport?

I'm in the process of ripping all my CDs to .flac files with Exact Audio Copy. If I see a verified rip with no errors, is there any point in considering upgrading my CD player? Would I be better investing is a quality streamer and DAC?


I have all ripped audio files years ago and haven't used a CD player in about 10 years. I put my resources into the DAC and streamer. Plus the occasional HD as the library grows. Be sure to keep it backed up. 

No, transport no longer required.

Once you have a good streamer and DAC there will be no use for those FLAC files other than backup in case the wifi goes out.


After a couple years I started to get rid of all my CDs as well. 

Thanks for the confirmation. To be sure, I have a CD player. It is a Denon Professional DN-300Z. Handy to have in the system, but seldom used. I doubt it is even entry level audiophile quality.  My focus is vinyl anyway. But I still have quite a few CDs. 

With my focus being vinyl my current streamers are real-time Linux based built for purpose computers. My first DAC is also entry level being the SMSL SU-1. It will probably find its final place in my RV's system. It has been helpful as I enter the streamer/DAC space. I have yet to subscribe to a streaming service, but I have been test driving each one. I'll pick one before the end of they year...

@markcasazza , good for you. You do you, and enjoy the journey. I'm a CD player slut, but I am happy you found a way further down the road than I got, so to speak. Have fun!