If I rip all my CD's to flac files do I still need a CD transport?

I'm in the process of ripping all my CDs to .flac files with Exact Audio Copy. If I see a verified rip with no errors, is there any point in considering upgrading my CD player? Would I be better investing is a quality streamer and DAC?


I have a innuos zenith mk3 streamer which easily rips any CD in 5 minutes or less. However the sound quality of my Jay's cdt2-mk3 CD transport is definitely superior to it, even so they are both connected to the same dac with high quality cables. Meaning no way I'm parting with the CD transport. Obviously we all have different experiences. Hence no answer given here is ever the answer to it all solution. One must figure it out for their specific system and listening room. 




Some folks need to work on their digital front end. After I ripped my CD's on my Zenith 3 the Transport was sold and I never looked back. 

I ripped my CDs to an Innuos Zenith MKII. My CDs sit on the shelf and will likely stay there. I sold my CD player and haven’t looked back.