If I rip all my CD's to flac files do I still need a CD transport?

I'm in the process of ripping all my CDs to .flac files with Exact Audio Copy. If I see a verified rip with no errors, is there any point in considering upgrading my CD player? Would I be better investing is a quality streamer and DAC?



"I've ripped Everything, including my Levi's; should I keep 'X'/'Y'/'Z' ?"

How much closet/attic/basement/garage space, if boxed up proper, can that entail?

Worse case: One CD player, with it's 'enhancements' + one turntable, ditto.

I've stored 2 VCR's & 2 double bay cassettes; still use the Blu-ray player on occasion, 2 turntables ditto, DVR, Wayy too much.....

...and then, there's the 'puters....all 3 of them, with 'varied responsibilities'...

Boxed, fill a small closet....sure.

Speakers?  Whole 'nuther thing.

2X the closet, and be prep'd to slam the door like the 'outta-town NOW' suitcase...*L*

Keep 'em.  Can't be as bad as that... ;)

Well you might do what I did.... I did away with my cd player years ago and gave away all my cds (hundreds) to a friend... which was good for a while. Then as years went by, I bought a Oppo DVD player to watch movies on. Then I read that you can play cds on a DVD player so I stuck an old cd I had laying around into the tray and magic came out of nowhere...... I'm now in the process of buying back the old cds that I gave away years ago. Yea sure what do you need with all those old cds.... would you like me to send you my address?

I also ripped all of my CD's with dbPoweramp after I started streaming.  I held on to my CEC TL-5 transport for another 2 years, just looking at it sitting on the rack.  I finally sold it and moved on.  All of my CD's(about 400) are on a thumb drive inserted into the streamer.  No regrets.  I just haven't been able to just give away the CD's yet, but I'm almost there.  

Maybe I am asking a dumb question, but does this depend on the quality of the CD drive used to rip?