If I wanted to make my own speaker cables, is this a good choice for wire?


Duelund Dual DCA16GA 2x16 awg, Tin-plated, Stranded Copper, Oiled Cotton Speaker/Interconnect Cable


I'm thinking this wire and adding some quality banana plugs or RCA connectors to make interconnects.  Is 2x16 enough or should I double up?  Is shielding an issue?  Thanks!


I have two pairs of DIY speaker cables.

One is Belden Studio 814 and another is Nanotec Golden Strada #79 MKII.

Both are models unique to Japanese domestic market, but my local Belden dealer does carry it, so you might want to check with your local dealer first.

Studio 814 and 717EX are extremely popular with DIYers in Japan and I could see why. 814 is a romantic sounding cable, adds a lot of weight and dynamics, and just the right amount of warmth. Very effective especially with smaller bookshelves. I am currently using #79 MKII in tandem with Soundstring Gen1 Tricormaxial cables in my main system (I am running a high input/output setup with a sub). The Nanotec is probably as good as it gets for its price. Very spacious, musical, and neutral sounding. But it seems like you could only purchase this in Japan, though you might try your luck with their Taiwan dealer on Facebook.

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Thanks for the suggestions, the Nanotec Golden Strada looks interesting.  I did a quick search and yeah, they appear to be hard to get.

Canare Star-Quad Speaker Cable.


terminate with some good quality ends as needed

spending any more on cables is a waste of money. The high end cable companies have duped most audiophiles into believing they need to spend big $$ to get good cables. One of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on the ignorant consumer. Use what you save to buy some records, you are welcome

likewise these are excellent line level cables, all you need. Or make your own. You can get the raw cable these are made of from the source above