If money was and was not of any concern when buying speakers.

If money was no concern i'd buy these speakers........

If money was of concern the best speaker for my dollar would be...... 
If money was no concern i'd buy these speakers........

YG Acoustic Sonja 1.3

If money was of concern the best speaker for my dollar would be......

Joseph Audio Pulsars

Money no object:

 Difficult, as I never consider the question, as money is always tight, however rich you are. There are other things you can buy with the cash, but I agree with Akg_Ca, the best Tannoy to suit my room.

Money important:

 Daedalus Athena's, I run the DA-RMA's now.

If money was no concern...

Wilson Alexandria XLF. Heard them at Sunny Components in West Covina. Heard every other Wilson speaker, and didn’t care for them. But the Alexandria XLF’s, hooked up to about 700k worth of gear...it was the best sound I ever heard in my entire life.

If money WAS a concern...

Aerial Acoustics 5t. Heard them at the same place, right after the Alexandria’s, and could not believe how good they were, and that was AFTER hearing the best speakers I ever heard.

So I bought them.
If money was a concern, I’d own what I do today...Legacy AERIS; they pack in so much performance and musicality that defies their price-class...I agree with others’ postings above on that sub-topic,..those are all fine speakers and worthy of making the list!

If money wasn’t a concern, we have a MUCH more interesting scenario that involves, but also transcends purely speaker choice;

- build a house in Maui on one of the many great cliff vantage points around the island, custom audio room purpose built, local and other Polynesian woods to finish various aspects is a must,...find a way to make at least one wall see-through so that I could enjoy the outdoor views during the day even when listening while using materials that are acoustically friendly and the room well-tuned...
- find a way to build a removable floor system behind the speakers so that all "huge unsightly audio and power cables" disappear almost immediately....this to increase WAF and end the complaining :-)
- start with the components and cables and speakers that I have today...
- possibly upgrade speakers to one of the following;
     a) Legacy Audio "V" Reference Speaker
     b) Rosso-Fiorentino Florentina Reference Speaker
     c) Eggleston Works IVY
     d) Rockport Arrakis 2
     e) Avalon Sentinel or Saga (new)
     f) Verity Audio Monsalvat...
     g) Listen to other reputed best-of speakers such as Magico, Marten, Wilson, etc...very carefully,

- Look at upgrade to the best of the best tube gear from AudioNote, Lamm, Wavac, TRL, Ayon (Titan) etc.....weigh this move very carefully
- Stick with my existing digital front-end and pre from Eso or move to Grandioso level separates
- Cables, PCs, etc...probably no changes or step up 1 level...

Dream BIG!!!