If Nikola Tesla Were Alive Today, What Would His Stereo Look (and, Sound) Like?

Modern day genius' brought us the Sonic Holography Autocollation Preamplifier and the  Assymetrical Charged Coupled Detector Tuner.  Not to mention the electromechanically engineered record sequencer and retrieval system -- better known as the record changer.  And, who can forget Charlie the Tuner?

Now, insert real genius into the equation and imagine what could happen.  A guy who could generate a couple of million volts over a hundred years ago and X-ray his body from 50 feet away could certainly figure out how to move air around a room in strong collolation to the music source.  A biography of Tesla states that women were highly attracted to Nikola and he found it to be detrimental to his work.  So, he self-castrated himself to get rid of the distraction.  Now, THAT's a commitment!

Here's some possible theories of what Tesla would have contributed:

Wireless power -- minimum 1.21 gigawatts

Anti-gravity.  Who needs air bearings when your platter can just levitate?

Time travel - Having bragging rights to being at Woodstock, or experiencing the first public performance of Stairway to Heaven would pail to being there when Beethovan conducted the orchestra for the world premier of the 5th Symphony.  Be sure and bring your language translator.  Getting tickets might tough without it.

What say you?



What a fun question! And how many ways we can make our guesses. The only thing I know for sure is it would run on AC current.😁

I'm fairly certain that the ultra purist Tesla would be no fan of modern audio's greatest universal sin - ubiquitously compressed music.

I think he at some point made a resonant shaking table or something like that, which standing on it could be fun for a short time or an extreme laxative effect if you stood on it too long.

I'm sure he would have turned this into some sort of subwoofer.