If Nordost won't shorten & terminate it's own speaker cables who can please? Thank you!

The title says it s all. Looking at Red Dawn and Blue Heaven speaker cables, both the latest generation.  Thank you in advance for your thoughts on a solution(s) in North America amigos :-)
I wouldn't have anyone but Nordost alter their cable.

If you can, up your game and get Heimdall. That's where it starts with their specific engineering. It's more of the "middle of the line" for all the Norodost traits. I started off with Blue Heaven and eventually went all Heimdall from the wall to speakers. Worth the expense if your ears agree with the Nordost way. Otherwise, you probably can find another brand for less, with similar traits.
Thank you both very much.

Funny, I’m currently auditioning a Heimdall main power cord for my system. A very clear improvement to my system’s sound. Impressive in fact. Your suggestion was already on my mind and makes going all Heimdall more tempting. Thank you.
Nordost will not re-terminate my Tyr phono cable from a RCA to a DIN connector...what the heck!!!  
Nordost will re-terminate their cable with different connectors. I have had Nordost power cords, interconnects, and speaker cables re-terminated by Nordost  to deal with changes in equipment.

The work was done promptly at a reasonable price. The work looked perfect. All work was handled through my dealer.

The question in its context is a little hard to understand. If you are auditioning current production cables, why wouldn't you buy them with the desired terminations to start?