If not B&W 802 speakers then what speakers?

Hello and good day to all,

This question is for a mostly hometheater room. like 90% hometheater.

as i do like the sound from my b&w 804S speakers, HTM3S center channel.

i am growing tired of waiting for a used set of 802's to come on the market where i live...Florida.

so if you had about 6k for used home theater speakers what would you look for?

room is 24' by 24'... non treated, dryway

amp is anthem statement P5.

Thank you for your input.

Anything else. Sorry, I know a lot of people like them, but I hated mine. For theater, not music, you would probably like a pair of Aerial. I've heard them several times in HT settings and thought they were good. You would have to add a sub to the 802's to even come close to the bass you can get from the Aerial's. Personally, I don't usually like metal tweeters. I had a pair of Proac 2.5's that would be OK for HT. You would like them for stereo as well.
8500 for the 802d is more than i can get them local... thanks though.

i have a sub already... not too worried about the bass issue.. just looking for good clear sound.

Dunno what that will do but...

804s on the four corners
htm3s for a center.
Soon to be marantz av 8801
anthem statement P5
Sony vpl vw60 projector
110" Stewart film screen
paramax power conditioner/ serge protector
3 rows of leather couches stadium style.
light controlled/ dedicated home theater room.
Oops... Forgot my sub...

paradigm servo 15.

The thought as always is.... since i crossover at 80Hz for hometheater... and i do not do two channel, only multi channel. would i really hear a big enough difference to even justify the 802 cost?

but anyway... what other speakers? i did like the looks of the Ariels...