If not B&W 802 speakers then what speakers?

Hello and good day to all,

This question is for a mostly hometheater room. like 90% hometheater.

as i do like the sound from my b&w 804S speakers, HTM3S center channel.

i am growing tired of waiting for a used set of 802's to come on the market where i live...Florida.

so if you had about 6k for used home theater speakers what would you look for?

room is 24' by 24'... non treated, dryway

amp is anthem statement P5.

Thank you for your input.

Oops... Forgot my sub...

paradigm servo 15.

The thought as always is.... since i crossover at 80Hz for hometheater... and i do not do two channel, only multi channel. would i really hear a big enough difference to even justify the 802 cost?

but anyway... what other speakers? i did like the looks of the Ariels...
For theater you are wasting your money. Be happy with what you have. Why care if fake sounds are produced accurately?

The difference in the 802d and 804 is the bass power and mids are more open. You will not be able to tell any difference in the mids with your center handelling all the speech. The bass is crossed at 80hz anyway. Now you could run you front/back full range with your current speakers and get better sound IMO. You can then turn your sub up and just use it for LFE.

Really save your money.

Revel Studio 2 and Wilson Sophia 3 are two speakers that come to mind as a b&w 802d alternative.
“Soon to be marantz av 8801”, then I assume you’re still using the Pioneer AVR. That should be a nice upgrade. Give it some time before you think about speakers.

You have a excellent match with the 804s and the HTM3s. The HTM3s is as close as you can get to having a 5th 804s, and 5 identical speakers is obviously the best timbre match you can achieve. So if you replace the fronts with a different brand, then replace the center and rears also to match.

“804s on the four corners”, can I assume you do not mean physically in the corner of the room? If so, this would take away from the clarity. The position of the front 3 speakers can greatly affect the sound. Also, the location of the subwoofer in the room is important to achieve a linear and smooth transition to the mains. It’s really not the best idea to let Room Correction try to adjust a poor setup. Better to have a good setup and let RC fine tune.
"For theater you are wasting your money. Be happy with what you have. Why care if fake sounds are produced accurately?"

There's so such thing as fake sounds. If you can hear it, its real.
Lol, I love how he says he's tired of waiting for a pair to come up locally, then is offered a pair and says sorry, but I can get them locally for $6500. Well if you can get them locally for $6500 why dont you? Oh yeah, because you cant. If you could, you wouldnt have stated that you cant... Derr...