If not B&W 802 speakers then what speakers?

Hello and good day to all,

This question is for a mostly hometheater room. like 90% hometheater.

as i do like the sound from my b&w 804S speakers, HTM3S center channel.

i am growing tired of waiting for a used set of 802's to come on the market where i live...Florida.

so if you had about 6k for used home theater speakers what would you look for?

room is 24' by 24'... non treated, dryway

amp is anthem statement P5.

Thank you for your input.

By fake sounds I mean breaking heads of broccoli to create broken bone sounds and electronically rendering explosions. To me home theater needs to be dynamic and have bass power without overhang with clear vocals. The added natural Trimble you get out of highend speakers is lost on home theater but better dynamic range power is worth while. It is just a matter of if the price is worth the gain.

Anyway sounds like you have a good home theater, enjoy it.
there are 2 sets of snell c5 speakers in oak for sale right now;these might be worth looking at.
I had a friend in Minnesota that ran c5's and they played everything he asked them to do;these are a very nice speaker;only negative I can think of would be age.
Dynamic range is important for HT, and since your room is large, you would benefit from a speaker with higher efficiency. No doubt these would improve dynamic range and coherency of your system. Matching center and rears are available.


Review is a good read with some very interesting comments, some about theater in general.