If Power Cords Don't Matter...

First of all, I don’t own any high-end power cords, mostly because I can’t fit them behind my rack. Second, I am not trying to stir up controversy, as you will see from my question. I understand that the people who believe power cords make no difference argue that once the power gets into the component, the AC is converted to DC and the power supply of the component takes over completely. I think I have that right for the most part. So it that’s true, and it probably is from a traditional EE standpoint, why is it that I have not heard anyone say that power conditioners make no difference? I am not aware of anyone with a decent system ever saying that a Niagara or Triton or Audience teflon conditioner didn’t affect their sound, for good or for bad. So if the EE theory is true, wouldn’t power conditioners make no difference either? I have an Audience AR6T for almost 10 years and I think it made a big difference. BTW - I am not talking about Power Plants, which deal with voltage stabilization, which is a different topic.  Obviously, if your AC voltage is way off, it's going to cause problems.  
This guy… Arctic Death misspelled….probably drunk posting from what I can tell. Different folks different ways to behave while intoxicated. You guys should not give them much credit. Not worth your time. Let them be.
I like the sarcastic tone to it.It strikes a cord.
If they don’t believe in power cords because they don’t understand how they work, I’m guessing they do not fly in airplanes either.
The powersupply is like a heart, pumping out blood, and the powercable is the main artery leading in to it. That`s is why the quality of this last worm is moore detectable than the rest of the circuit. 

  "I even swapped around gauge of wire with diameter of pipe. The analogy is darn near perfect. Voltage is exactly pressure. Just like water. We even call amps current.."

Yep, this is a good analogy but still most audiophiles believe they can use a bundle of tight twisted straws and still end up with the same flow-capacity as a single wide pipe gives. 

miller again:

" Fortunately I run 4ga all the way from the panel to the conditioner. So I got that one covered."

That`s a good start, but what about your low-voltage secondary side; your speakercables++
If they don’t believe in power cords because they don’t understand how they work, I’m guessing they do not fly in airplanes either. 
Just got my new aftermarket power cord (10 awg with furtech connectors). 
While the cable looked impressive, I too was skeptical.

Plugged it in, and to my surprise… WOW!!!

the mid bass was noticeably more full and the bass detail was almost night and day. I’m sure my speakers were also now hitting lower frequencies. 
I was so impressed, that I gasped. I said to my wife (who couldn’t care less about my hifi passion), “can you notice a difference?”

She said: “absolutely. I really can. Now stop talking about your dumb cable:)”

It was so impactful that it felt like I replaced an entire component!!!

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