if someone can help me......

just got my cj 2500a back from conrad johnson,  i have an et3 se to mate with it.  new tyler accoustic speakers.  not getting the sound that i was hoping for.  was waiting to get a 2550se but are hard to find now to pair it with.  am i doing something wrong here.  i read where if the amps arent paired right you tend to get a vailed type sound and thats what im getting.  no umph at all and i have to turn it up real loud to get that.  (bass is almost nonexistent, maybe there is to much to break in) tried tube rolling, new wires, different speakers, speaker placement sound is still the same.  i know there is so many smart people on this site and i have learned a lot reading your thoughts on almost everything. so if i can get some help solving this i would really appreciate it i know its something simple, i sold my pv 12, but if i need to go back to an older model preamp let me know and what is the best one, thanks..........




What tube is in the ET3?   I have a Classic 2 se and it sounds really good with a Gold Lion 6922 or whats in mine now a Reflecktor 6h23eb .   The wrong tube will make these CJs sound dull.

You said your speakers are new?  If the system sounds that bad, it sounds to me like the speakers just aren’t working in your room. I’ve had that before and I could never fix it. Had to change the speakers until I found something that works and you usually can tell immediately.  I’ve said this many times before, but this is all a by product of our new way of buying hifi without audition. 

What source component are you using? Just curious if you are using a turntable, as the et3 se is line stage only. If using a turntable, do you have an external phono pre-amp?

I know this is a long-shot, but just need to verify that you have a phono pre-amp somewhere in the chain if you're using a TT.

What source component are you using?

Yes this. Your preamp puts out plenty of volts to drive your powerful amp so you should not have to turn it up a lot to get the system going. 

This doesn't sound right.  Could be power amp have been damaged in shipping?