if someone can help me......

just got my cj 2500a back from conrad johnson,  i have an et3 se to mate with it.  new tyler accoustic speakers.  not getting the sound that i was hoping for.  was waiting to get a 2550se but are hard to find now to pair it with.  am i doing something wrong here.  i read where if the amps arent paired right you tend to get a vailed type sound and thats what im getting.  no umph at all and i have to turn it up real loud to get that.  (bass is almost nonexistent, maybe there is to much to break in) tried tube rolling, new wires, different speakers, speaker placement sound is still the same.  i know there is so many smart people on this site and i have learned a lot reading your thoughts on almost everything. so if i can get some help solving this i would really appreciate it i know its something simple, i sold my pv 12, but if i need to go back to an older model preamp let me know and what is the best one, thanks..........



well if the speakers are new maybe they're not broken in yet that'll make the system sound dull, give it a couple weeks of steady playing.

+1 on speaker break in. My Avior ii speakers had weak bass when new. After about 300 hours I heard a big difference in the bass. 

I bought new balanced interconnects once and they took almost forever to break in.  I was ready to sell new electronics because I could not believe it was more break-in time they needed.  Then one day it happened.  The heavens opened up and showered me with beauty and truth.  The moral is, make sure EVERYTHING is broken in!  You're welcome.

before you swap out everything, have you had anyone make simple measurements on the repaired or refurbished gear?

Sounds like it needed some break in time. I had an MF2500 converted to a 2500A and it took a few hours of playing to open up.