If there’s an audiophile exit ramp, this ain’t it…

Audiogon and the audio press, I mean. I finally have the system I was aiming for and had imagined for my future, as conjured from the cryptic pages of stereophile etc. — incredible transparency, scale, and ‘realness’ — but whenever I’m drawn to these sites/pages, as I have been for two years, I am confronted again with doubt and a vague longing for ‘perfection’ in a new purchase. I just want to enjoy the music.

Im ready for the audiophile exit ramp, and this ain’t it…
this is where a baseline (reference source material) is helpful; having that one or two go-to LPs that confirm your baseline performance or let you know when you have an incremental change.

and there's always investing in a "hot stamper" from Better Records to put your system changes to the test 
@baylinor — got any ideas?

This discussion is in need of some serious psychological advice before anyone sinks any further into the deep end

Where is the audiophile guru returning from pilgrimage to India with the wisdom for us seekers?  
I’ve been reading Ram Dass and about how he managed to stay ‘high’ without drugs, so there’s a parallel there…
@4afsanakhan —thank you, it’s a refuge for sure, and sounding better than ever.  Now I just have to relax and enjoy it without raiding my savings even further or even fantasizing about how the latest $8k speaker cables will enhance it…
@ja kub sz—

I just bought the amp and speakers of my dreams, not to mention a new TT and cartridge

I'm sure this thread will make more sense to me in about 6 months.

Be prepared!
@kingbarbuda —

try to monetize several pieces into one really nice piece to lower my box count.

good strategy, I’ve done the same, although the purchase always precedes the selling :(  Do you still have the itch to tweak?