If there’s an audiophile exit ramp, this ain’t it…

Audiogon and the audio press, I mean. I finally have the system I was aiming for and had imagined for my future, as conjured from the cryptic pages of stereophile etc. — incredible transparency, scale, and ‘realness’ — but whenever I’m drawn to these sites/pages, as I have been for two years, I am confronted again with doubt and a vague longing for ‘perfection’ in a new purchase. I just want to enjoy the music.

Im ready for the audiophile exit ramp, and this ain’t it…
Like myself you seem to have an addictive personality and triggers can send your mind into too much rumination.  Your best bet is to go cold turkey, then figure out how much you’ll like to invest in our hobby.
The SQ pursuit and upgrading rush is like money…. Newer enough…..with getting more or better your inquiries just goes up too and new mirages at new horizons appears to be not so illusive. The race is endless and could be destructive for some so it’s important to learn how to get pleasure and satisfaction from things you love. 
   Redwood audio, i’ve been sober for about 26 years now and you guys joke through this thread about addiction but you’re not far off. Watch this little short video about addiction the little yellow object is the stereo. It says a lot about how many of us think. The part that sucks is that there are people that take advantage and sell BS products that don’t do anything. They’re taking advantage of the monster that lives inside of us. They are not nice people. Does your system have any tone controls? Are use my parametric equalizer in ROON Along with a graphic analyzer and spend time making adjustments to the music and learning white tones I like and what tones I don’t like. I can fix a really bad recording now pretty quick. It makes me feel like a part of my system. Anyways please watch the video below and let me know what you think

The only think I can see you possibly purchasing 
is advancing digital technologies which keep advancing 
and is modular for future advances . Briscasti has been a front runnner l and having a streamer board built in is a solid bonus ,
lower noise better isolation and 2 less cables.
i have the M3 with streamer board, but m trying to save for 
their flagship M21 , this-is a valid point to consider , 
and the upper models M1 and M21 ,which both have a R2R dac as well as classic multi bit Analog devises dual mono 1955 dacs and many other advancements. There are more and more high end companies making excellent dac -Streamer combinations and Being Modular  is a must for low cost future upgrades.