If there was only ONE album/cd/release you can listen to, over and over.............

Your " best ever " recording, which has likely been discussed ad nauseam, would you select, say, if given a choice of only one ( whatever the scenario would be; stranded on an island, locked up in isolation, all music gone, but this one ). As hard as this is, as there are so many to choose from, I have selected " A Tribute To Jack Johnson ", by the esteemed Miles Davis ( 1992 Columbia version ). I have selected this, specifically for the performances, as I do with all of my listening. The playing.....the musicianship.....the arrangement.....the story, set to music, by the esteemed M.D.. And, my system delivers the message, so I feel proud of my set up. What can I say ? I hope everyone well, and, ENJOY ! Always, MrD.


@rettrussell  No argument with that one!  Have you read her 2 books?  She was a product of the times, but boy, she is a VERY accomplished artist with a deep understanding of the ART of SINGING.  Hard to say that about many "performers" these days. And yes, she is the same live as on recordings.  She is a true vocalist with all the skills.

I might add Tapestry to the long list, but have not heard it in a while, so maybe, maybe not.

As for Live at the Fillmore, Allman Brothers, Oh, yeah!  Best version of Stormy Monday ever, and the LIVE guitar solos are beyond what most can ever hope to accomplish.  Even Clapton hired Duane to play the slide on the original recording of Layla...





Hello all, and thank you for participating. I knew this would be hard for all, but it was presented as a deep, profound way for us to unleash our all time " best ", nothing more. I agree with so many titles listed on this thread. ABs at the Fillmore East, I was there 2 of the 4 nights, so you might be hearing me and my clan in the audience, lol. As far as our selection playing constantly to the point of sickness, this was not my intent, however I stick to my selection, as many of you stick to yours. The same can be said for " best food " ( pizza, Chinese ), or " best movie " ( Shawshank, My Cousin Vinny ) etc., but this is a crowd of music listeners, so this is why I created this thread here. Hopefully, this scenario will never occur, in my lifetime, in my child’s lifetime, or ever.....but.......I wish everyone a joyful holiday and a prosperous new year, and sincerely hope, the world becomes a better place.......keep enjoying.....My best. Always, MrD.

You guys got me searching for my Jeff Buckley "Grace" album. No trace of it on the shelves, either on LP or CD. Ah... It's on Qobuz...  BTW, I'm a big fan of Tim Buckley, the dad Jeff supposedly hated. Still have Tim's LPs. Maybe I mentioned this before on this site but I saw Tim once at the Troubadour. He was awful. ...Into his full-blown nonstop screaming faze.

I was going to go with Selling England, but @arthur1954 beat me to it.  So I’ll go with Cat Stevens’ Tea for the Tillerman; it never gets old.