If there was only ONE album/cd/release you can listen to, over and over.............

Your " best ever " recording, which has likely been discussed ad nauseam, would you select, say, if given a choice of only one ( whatever the scenario would be; stranded on an island, locked up in isolation, all music gone, but this one ). As hard as this is, as there are so many to choose from, I have selected " A Tribute To Jack Johnson ", by the esteemed Miles Davis ( 1992 Columbia version ). I have selected this, specifically for the performances, as I do with all of my listening. The playing.....the musicianship.....the arrangement.....the story, set to music, by the esteemed M.D.. And, my system delivers the message, so I feel proud of my set up. What can I say ? I hope everyone well, and, ENJOY ! Always, MrD.


"Back to Oakland by Tower of Power (ideally the 2008 Japanese remaster)

One of the greatest Soul/Funk albums ever produced."

This is the reason I love this forum. I have never heard this album until now. I can’t sit still during "Squib Cakes". Thanks @whipsaw!

Tool - Fear

Miles Davis - Sketches of Spain

Steely Dan - Gaucho 

Any of those three, only on Saturday nights, after I master distilling my own coconut liquor.