If you could bring back one great artist that has

departed our world who would it be? We have lost some incredibly talented artists, often under tragic circumstances. If it were possible to have an encore I would vote for Janis Joplin. You?
@mapman. I'd like to believe if Cobain had still been around his music would have evolved. I can't necessarily say the same about Janis but I just loved her voice. Speaking of the 27 Club members, I wonder how Morrison would have progressed? Did The Rolling Stones of the same era ever really grow up? lol
Saw Janis a few times, very hit and miss. When she was on she was memorable and dazzling when she wasn't it wasn't worth the time.
Would like to bring Mozart into this. Another artist who was beginning to break into new venues or avenue of creation. What and how it might have turned out is as we all know to well is left unknown
Although not a performing artist, though he did play piano. Is Billy Strayhorn, who composed many of the hits for Duke Ellington. He died all to early at age 51 in 1967. We can only surmise the body of work that was yet to come. But nonetheless what he left behind is timeless.
Ian Curtis, Joy Division. i think we only saw the tip of the iceberg regarding Mr Curtis.