If you could bring back one great artist that has

departed our world who would it be? We have lost some incredibly talented artists, often under tragic circumstances. If it were possible to have an encore I would vote for Janis Joplin. You?
.......I don't think Frank Zappa was mentioned .....now there was a musical genius
Wilhelm Furtwangler. Unlike previous generations, there does not seem to be a pre-eminent conductor at the present. His magic comes across in suboptimal recordings; it would be a treat to hear him live or with today's recording technology ( done by old school sound engineers- say 1960-77). Then again, it would be hard to separate the man and his art from the time he lived in.
11-13-11: Cajunpepe
Whacko Jacko....aka Michael Jackson.

Let's let him stay where ever it is he's at!!!!
Jimi. Always wonder where he would have gone over the decades. Certainly, his last sessions were more funky and "black." Still, hard to imagine a better rock guitarist.