If you could only keep 5 Lp vinyl which ones

If you could only keep 5 Lp vinyl from your record collection which ones would you keep? and why

I'm seeing a few selling there vinyl collection claiming some 6000 lp in there collection, I think it would be interesting if they were to keep a few favorites, which ones would they be.
any catagory
Elizabeth, after your well worded rant, now you have to play. I want to know your 5 of 6000, that's the fun in the game. Since you have 6000 records, we will even let you take 6!
Tpreaves grabbed all my favorites so I'll have to go with the second choices although like Elizabeth I'd have to keep all of some musicians(Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Van the Man, Miles, Keith Jarrett, Bruce, etc, etc...

Van Morrison- Astral Weeks
Miles Davis- Kind of Blue
Neil Young- After the Gold Rush
Richard Thompson- Live(More or Less)
Bob Dylan- Bringing It All Back Home
Pink Floyd DSOTM
Amused to Death/Roger Water
Sister Drum
Astral weeks
If I could only remember my name/Crosby
Kind of Blue
Walkin/ Miles Davis
Brilliant Corners/ Thelonious Monk
Michel Portal /Turbulance
Famous Blue Raincoat
Purcell O Solitude /Deller Consort
Pergolesi/ Stabat Mater SXL 6153
La Fille Mal gardee/ SXL 2313
Based upon current listening habits:
1. Ornette Coleman: Ornette!
2. Coltrane: A Love Supreme
3. The Doors: Strange Days
4. Donald Fagen: The Nightfly
5. Pretenders: Learning to Crawl
1 thru 3 - Bach Cello Suites; Janos Starker; Mercury
4 - Malcolm Frager Plays Chopiin; Telarc
5 - Bach: 3 Sonata for Viola Da Gamba & Cembalo; Cervera & Puyan; Philips