If you could use an excellent table FM radio for office, kitchen,,..etc.

There are others to consider, in my experience the Nakamichi TM-1 and TM-2 combination is very, very good.  Natural tonal balance, decent receptiion and good looking in a Modern/Bauhaus way. 

A vintage tube Zenith H845 is what I have used for many years. Wooden cabinet with a 7.5 inch woofer and a 3 inch tweeter result in a really good sound. Guess the tubes give it the very nice musical presentation. The C845 is the same radio with minor differences.

@dweller - Did you mean Tivoli? I have a Tivoli PAL and I like it a lot, although I don't use it very often.
Your right; Tivoli. I come to this site to relax. Sometimes I relax too much. Sorry. P.S. I asked google to find "Tivio" and it did. They have some sharp new models.

I've been waking up to a TM-2 for many years.

Wasn't Tivio a video recording device of some sort??