If you had access to a time machine, what concerts would you go back to see?

2020 was the first year of my adult life that I did not attend any concerts. I'm sure that I'm not alone in this unfortunate situation. So, this got me thinking about both the concerts that I "missed" (could've gone, but something went wrong) or concerts I "wished I'd had the chance to see."

Plus, I thought this would be a good bookend to the ongoing (and excellent) thread about "the worst concert you ever saw."


Assuming I was immune to any diseases of the times. (No yellow fever please.) Also, I would have the chance to go to the after concert parties or dos corresponding to the times!
  • Any concert with Corelli
  • Dietrich of Leipzig concerts
  • Von Bingen
  • The Ring at Bayreuth with Wagner and/or his son
  • The concert or incident that made Nietzsche Contra Wagner - there’s a decent movie about this
  • Being ’a dignitary’ on the King’s Barge on the Thames when His Majesty had The Water Music repeated several times
  • Debut of Beethoven Violin Concerto
  • Liszt, Locatelli and Paganini performances
  • The series of Siegfried Wagner operas/performances now lost
  • Any Charlie Parker performances/concert(s)
  • Any Procol Harum concert
  • Any Henry Cow, Soft Machine and 801
  • Those Cambridge Univ. fellows that did "The Rotter’s Club"
  • Any Brian Eno concert
  • Stones with Mick Taylor
  • Any Howlin Wolf after hours performances - I saw 2 concerts - with Hubert Sumlin.
  • The Killers
  • Another Capt. Beefheart concert
  • Hendrix/Hawaii/Rainbow Bridge
  • All the Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals I missed

Of course I would want to have a magic audio video set up to capture all these events and bring them back whilst someone else can pay the artist’s royalties!
Just an observation about time machines in general, since a Tardis has not been mentioned or considered an option....

Time machines tend to stay 'rooted'; locked into a location, XYZed.

Not to be a 'killjoy', but just braying....;)

It'd be a kick to tack a 'hitchhiker' along, back to Bach....Elton John would be perhaps up to the 'trip', to let the master have a taste of what would become....just to F with the timelines...

But the likelihood of my disappearance would be really annoying...at least to moi'.....y'all would be thrilled, IF you were around to be so....and were aware of such....not likely, but....*shrug*

That's the risk of messing with the past...
Alternative timelines are a real *itch.....

Which one would you be on?

Now, There's a question....;)