If you had to narrow your choices to 4 - 5 speakers

To listen to at the upcoming Axpona, in the 10 - 20k range driven by a great solid state amp which ones would you search for? Yes understand listening conditions and room setups can make or break a system but just trying to narrow some choices. Thank you.


first choice, always: Epi 100, probably updated w Human Speakers parts... but those are older speakers and won't be in any shows at this point, although the handcrafted new builds by Human deserve to be.

then, something from the latest iterations of the Klipsch Heritage line; I have the Heresy IV, but I’d probably bump it to the Forte IV

finally, what will be my last speaker: Q Acoustics Concept 50. (so @cleebeauregard +1 for that one.)

I don't need to spend any more money than that, like about $4500 for the Forte as the most expensive speaker on my list... and the Concept 50 at $3000 is a bargain as well.  There's just nothing "more up there" that I care to chase.  


The OP asked for recommendations of speakers he can listen to at Axpona. Many of the suggestions aren’t going to be at Axpona. Here’s a link to a list of Axpona exhibitors: https://axpona.com/exhibitors/


Listen to the RAAL SR1b with the VM-1a amp at the show (headphones that sound like 2-channel). Then compare that to million-dollar 2-channel systems at the show. Hopefully, RAAL will have a VM-1a to demo. They seem to sellout each batch.

Throw the solid state amp in the trash(ebay) Get a carver crimson or raven.  And a pair of cliptch lescalda. Enjoy 😉.