If you have a CD Player, you need to do this periodically...

I would rather imagine that most audiophiles are aware of this, but if not, may I recommend a very easy tweak that has always produced positive results in every system I've had:

Ayre - Irrational, But Efficacious!

Densen - DeMagic

These are System Enhancement Discs which reduces magnetism that has built up during playback. I'm pretty sure there are other products that purport to do the same thing. These two have certainly worked for me. Good listening!!




There's a number of good tracks on that disc. I burned the two demagnetizing tracks onto a CD one after the other repeating several times so they can easily be played and demagnetize during warmup. The effect is not huge, but definitely is there.

Other good tracks- walk around the room clavis resolving the room, when your system is dialed in it is uncanny how you can hear him walking around especially behind you. In phase/out of phase, when dialed in the out of phase is downright freaky, absolutely cannot tell where the sound is coming from! 

This CD helped me learn to identify the differences between DACs and tubes and ss, by listening to the various music tracks and paying attention to their recording notes. Prior to doing this I noticed differences but never made the connection why. 

Demagnetization was at first hard for me to hear. I would play these every once in a while, sort of thinking maybe better but never really sure. Problem is once you do it,  you can go AB but there is no BA, you have to wait a while for things to go back. 

What I wound up doing instead is run it every night no matter what. After a while this becomes your new standard. Once you get used to it, if you then don't use it a while then when the system goes back to grunge you notice! So now it is a regular thing, couple times a week, always before any long session I want to be real good.

Itsnotjustyou, an awful lot of audiophiles also don't know CD is not digital. Anyways, not on me to explain how or why something works, just that it does in fact make a difference I can hear. The rest is on you.

Acoustic sounds has the Cardas Ayre disc in stock

Just ordered one

 Best tweak post on here in months

Thanks Willy-T

Thanks for the recommend brauser. Thanks for finding places for us to get one zimick and Willy-T. Mines now on order. Sight & Sound in Atlanta carries the Densen De-Magic Demagnetizing CD. Can’t vouch for S&S having never purchased anything there. New owners, please report here how well your disc works after it arrives, or prior to that if you’re prescient.

Mike Muad’Dib


Seriously?  Like you haven't seen my posts or followed my links on why the "digital" input signal is in fact quasi-analog. Anyhow.


That assertion carries a HUGE caveat; whether it is truly digital or quasi-analog depends where and when in the signal chain


When the signal hist the DAC chip, timing matters nad that's analog.  Until then, no.  And in the magnitude domain (what's coded in the 16, 18, 24 bits), why yes, it is purely digital and very robust.


Now, the optical CD itself is different yet again, and no traditional digital.  You either ignored my reference to EFM or don't know what i is.  EFM (eight-to-fourteen modulation) is the coding format of pits on the CD.  It is in fact quasi analog, but has full error detection and then correction after decoding - so impacts are known. And uncorrected ones are very rare.


So, at that point:

1. The "digital stream" is minimally, if at all, at risk

2. it is optical not electrical, and therefore magnetism is even less relevant

So yea, it is on you to explain this. Arguments like the one you mad here continue to confuse the issue and give naysayers ammunition.  Yes!  We need to deal with the analog timing component.  No! i doesn't matter anywhere except right at the input to the DAC (assuming, for simplicity, a traditional PCM ladder DAC).


So all, we need to be careful about this - details matter.