If you have a nice system why do you really need room treatments?

Yeah you may need an absorption panel if your room is completely open, ie. No rug or furniture, ie just lonely single chair. But if your system can't cut it in any room then it's a system problem and you should be able to discern a good system regardless of the room.  Unless you put it on the roof of your apartment building but the Beatles seemed to have survived that effort

I think people go nuts with all this absorption acoustical room treatment stuff and it looks kind of awful.  Once in a while you see a really cool looking diffuser panel and I would definitely want one. But to have a system that works really well without any of the acoustical panel distractions is a wonderful thing.


I dont agree. Without a decent room you cant discern, effectively, what differentiates good from not so good.

Of course you can.  For example: in a bad room you have one amp hooked up and the soundstage is confined to an area around the speakers--you upgrade to a better amp and the sound becomes "bigger" and fuller.  You upgrade to a better preamp and you note that the imaging is greatly improved and therefore the soundstage is better defined.  The improvements you note would probably be enhanced in a tuned room, but it's not like you won't hear them even in a bad room.



I noticed you start a lot of discussions. But do not have your system shown. It would be very helpful to see your system.

Yes, system posted and a picture of your room so that we can see your acoustic treatment.


Absolutely right I should provide details on my system. I think it would look OK if I took a picture of it but there’s certain things I wanna move around and I lack the energy and physical abilities to do it since my health is challenging right now. Further, id like to provide a decent listing of all the gear but since I have trouble typing and have to dictate everything it would be a major major project. Editing is really uncomfortable to do. I’m very grateful so many other people do it because it’s one of the best things about this forum to see all those amazing Systems set up incredibly well. I bought the system I have without listening to it before I bought it and since I’m not able to leave the house very easily I have not heard any other system except my own for really long time. When I’m better I really want to visit a decent room to hear what it sounds like. I have played in a number of bands in the past so I know Live music. I played in a 21 piece jazz Group in the World Trade Centre lobby back in 1976. Got a free trip to the Observatory and a free meal at the restaurant way up close to the top.

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