If you have a nice system why do you really need room treatments?

Yeah you may need an absorption panel if your room is completely open, ie. No rug or furniture, ie just lonely single chair. But if your system can't cut it in any room then it's a system problem and you should be able to discern a good system regardless of the room.  Unless you put it on the roof of your apartment building but the Beatles seemed to have survived that effort

I think people go nuts with all this absorption acoustical room treatment stuff and it looks kind of awful.  Once in a while you see a really cool looking diffuser panel and I would definitely want one. But to have a system that works really well without any of the acoustical panel distractions is a wonderful thing.


@emergingsoul …sorry you are suffering…. let’s try this… dictate the big components of your system. the speakers and placement being #1. Distance to adjacent surfaces and the basic room dimensions, including any openings. A general description of contents / makeup of materials important. The distance between speakers, to ear, ear ht. and tweeter ht also important. Distance from ear to back wall, ceiling height…. i work is 25+ rooms a year…. i dont need a photo ….

iF helpful i can send you a Leica or Bosch laser tape… all, emphasis ALL my services are free


For your info I voice control my iPad I can get by with minimal touching. I also control what I watch on TV using voice control for the Apple TV box. Unfortunately the remote is too difficult to use and every time I am using an app i have have to scroll through it by repeating a number over and over again until I find what I’m wanting to find it I can’t through things by swiping my finger across the screen. Is it very frustrating way to search for something. I have my limitations but many people have a whole lot worse and the awful development of voice control technology for desktop and even watching TV is horrible. Although I’m very grateful for what has been done it’s like they should’ve spent more effort in the final 10% of the journey and because of that not as good as it should be. People take for granted the ease which they use computers and they’re smart phones. It’s absolutely remarkable how complicated the process is and all the pressure going on with very delicate tissues in your arm to Press and swipe a device.

Especially controlling a mouse on a computer it’s incredibly awkward and should be a hell of a lot easier than it is it’s clear that Microsoft and Apple really could give a crap about people with disability. Windows 11 is awful. Technologically it’s not very difficult to do but they choose not to devote much effort to improving it.

As far as me getting by with all my audio equipment I certainly don’t do it myself.