If you have a nice system why do you really need room treatments?

Yeah you may need an absorption panel if your room is completely open, ie. No rug or furniture, ie just lonely single chair. But if your system can't cut it in any room then it's a system problem and you should be able to discern a good system regardless of the room.  Unless you put it on the roof of your apartment building but the Beatles seemed to have survived that effort

I think people go nuts with all this absorption acoustical room treatment stuff and it looks kind of awful.  Once in a while you see a really cool looking diffuser panel and I would definitely want one. But to have a system that works really well without any of the acoustical panel distractions is a wonderful thing.



I really don't know how the podiums do it but all I can tell you is that the vibrations in the floor were gone and the vibrations in both side walls were gone and the sound stage was so much deeper wider more articulate and they give you a money back guarantee, if you don't think they improve the sound you can send them back and get all your money back, to this date no one has ever sent a pair back yet.


Your equipment does its best to reproduce your sources and that was all it was designed to do. 

unless your room is a sphere, lower frequencies are going to reflect out of the corners of your room at different speeds and it can make your bass sound muddy.  That is just one reason all rooms need some help. What I’m referring to here can be helped by bass traps. There are dozens of other issues you can have. Most people don’t have all of the, but everyone has some.  

All the best.

            Differnt strokes for differnt folks.

   As long as one's happy with what they've slapped together; it's right for them.

   For they rest of us: the bonified science of Acoustics has been with us, since man first began enjoying sound.

    ie: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/04/070404162237.htm#:~:text=The%20rows%20of%20limestone%20seats,the%20way%20to%20the%20back

and: https://www.britannica.com/science/acoustics/Early-experimentation

hmmm: https://www.scienceopen.com/document_file/5059a30d-dce1-47a6-8089-e6f916b4c59a/ScienceOpen/247_Smith_EVA23.pdf


To say the room is not important is like saying the croissant is not important- its all about the butter.

That is not a good analogy--not even close.

     I should have mentioned, paying particular attention to the: Architectural acoustics portion, of that second reference url.

                                  Happy listening!