If you have ever bought anything from HSU research

This has me scratching my head. I have heard about these people for years, I finally bought one a VTK 12 incher.

I got it back to my house and the cabinet was punctured.

I took pictures notified them and they sent a call tag. I had to wait all day etc. Over the weekend after they got it back, I told them I didn't want it and wanted a full refund.

I couldn't try the unit and have to say the one I got was very very cheaply made. I had sawdust all over my floor, the driver was made of paper in short it was pretty crappy.

Of course being a greedy little internet company they tried to place it under their 30 days policy even though the unit I got was defective.

They have said all kinds of things that are untrue to the credit card company to keep this $99.00. Especially candy.

On a whim and this is what the thread is about I called FEDEX with my original tracking number in order to make a claim, I figure hell you have the sub and are still charging me money I will look into it. No more than a week after they got the unit back. They were paid in full for the SUB at retail not wholesale and were also paid for shipping to and from my house. Only the cabinet was damaged not the driver or amp.

They are still trying to charge me a fee, Not sure if they hit their head or what, but this is FRAUD.

I am just letting others know if enough people have been bilked out 100.00 a class action suit is in order. I can't be the only one

Roxy...I think the $99 is the restocking fee not the price
of the unit in question.

Here is the policy straight from the HSU website:

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you
have 30 days to begin the return process. We will refund the
complete purchase price, minus any shipping charges, after
our technicians review the return. The refund happens under
four conditions: (1) all items must be in "like new"
condition, (2) there must not be any missing items, (3) the
product needs to be in transit back to Hsu Research within
30 of delivery (4) you must call us to receive an RMA
number. Failure to comply with all of these conditions may
result in either the item being refused or you may be
charged a 15% restocking fee. Note that, in the event that
an item is damaged during shipping and returned for refund
without replacement, then the same terms as stated above
will apply, and we will not refund any shipping charges.

Please note this sentence: "Note that, in the event
that an item is damaged during shipping and returned for
refund without replacement, then the same terms as stated
above will apply, and we will not refund any shipping

Seems pretty clear to me. That's what the OP did. I do
however think that since FEDEX paid the claim HSU should
wave the restock fee, but that's just me...
well what I got was defective, plain and simple and I was told it was defective by the person at HSU and they opted to take it back.

They got their money back completely, I never ever got to use the subwoofer it was delivered as defective , under the fair credit reporting act its on them to deliver goods perfectly which did not happen, I sent them photos and she said I couldn;t use it and they would take it back. It was such a POS that I wanted to be done with it. They didn't pay $99.00 on the insurance and yes it does include me , not a note and they have everything and then some and are still trying to get $99.00 from me. Its not damaged because they offered a discount , when I told them the nature of the defect they said I couldn't use it. I got it friday and shipped it back the following monday , was never used , I don't owe them a dime. Had I used it then yes I am on the hook, it has to work damaged does not mean defective. That is all I am saying I sure as hell didn't order it to see if I could beat what they think is an air tight policy.

I am just warning others they are a small minded and dishonest company. that's my experience.

It isn't the end of the world but man that's bull. So I ordered a rythmik an E15 and it sounds pretty good and is pretty solid construction.

I have been on here a while bought a lot of stuff etc, even had a preamp that buzzed I just sent it back no big deal, I paid $40.00 bucks for shipping but it worked I just didn't like it. No harm no foul no negative feeedback but this gets me because they keep saying it falls under the damage policy and is not defective, hard to believe FEDex would completely pay for it if it was salvageable.

I appreciate the comments and you know I have probably lost this but others don't have to.

That is why sometimes it is a good idea to just check it out in person.

I've dealt with HSU on a number of occasions and they've been nothing other than first rate professional.

Anyway, you're post is a rambling mess. Knowing HSU from the past, I'd bet there's a LOT more to the story.

Sure - class action suit. Let us know how that goes.
I'm also wondering what else is behind this story. I have bought three Hsu subs and there are not cheaply made. They have performed flawlessly for several years. Their customer service has been great and I have even spoken with Dr. Hsu's son on the phone for advice. I highly recommend the company and the products. And, no, I have no affiliation whatsoever with the company.
Your posts are full of contradictions. The sub was not defective it was damaged in transit. You elected not to receive a replacement, therefore, under their 30 day satisfaction guarantee HSU is under no obligation to refund shipping charges.

HSU paid for shipping insurance; therefore, they are entitled to receive restitution for goods damaged. HSU is also entitled to receive a shipping charge refund from Fedex since they did not fulfill their contracted obligation.

HSU has an excellent internet reputation for value and customer service.