If You Like Funk: Check Out Vulfpeck

Please leave your thoughts: love it, hate it, somewhere in between or indifferent? And I apologize for the bad dancing white guy in the video. 
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Great thread!

I’ve been a massive funk fan for as long as I can remember (even played for many years in a funk/disco tribute band 16 members strong, 5 singers, full horn section...man that was fun!).

Anyway, I like funky music of every description, every era.

But for me, in my world, there is a Funk Event Horizon. All that came before was leading up to it, all that came after came out of it.

I refer to Zapp’s More Bounce To The Ounce:


For me it is the best pure, and hardest slamming bass/drumline of all time. It could loop for eternity and never stop moving my butt. The guitar playing is awesome, but it’s put over the edge by Roger’s Talkbox performance, which are the funkiest riffs I’ve ever heard. I swear I must have written 5 funk songs just ripping off bits of Roger’s Talkbox improvising because it’s so hooky.

@prof Rich, welcome to the conversation! Glad to have your input. This has turned into a great resource. Please feel free to keep adding to it. My listening collection continues to grow based on fellow Agon recommendations in this thread.
Good to see we ain't done yet!;)  Here's the J-boys (Jamaica, as in Queens Jamaica, NY!) feat. Lenny White and Marcus Miller.  Watch til the end if ya wanna see Marcus REALLY get down!

and here's Marcus 28 yrs later, he just released this last month!

@chazro Thanks for the post. From the first post we now know MM can dance too! I noticed that the video never shows LW dance moves. Funny. Second post--that is great smooth groove--Thumb way up! I'm going to have to buy that one. On Marcus Miller, do you happen to know if the new release is available in vinyl? Back in 2016 I couldn't find vinyl Afrodeezia in the states and ending up buying it from a guy in Africa.
So, after listening to @chazro's latest posts, I scanned the right column recommends and came across this link--four keyboards, five horns (I think), drum kit, electric bass and guitar--these folks are having fun.