If You Like Funk: Check Out Vulfpeck

Please leave your thoughts: love it, hate it, somewhere in between or indifferent? And I apologize for the bad dancing white guy in the video. 
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So, after listening to @chazro's latest posts, I scanned the right column recommends and came across this link--four keyboards, five horns (I think), drum kit, electric bass and guitar--these folks are having fun.
Which then lead me to this Brian Culbertson piece where he plays some tasty trombone and pass offs with the sax player that are worth hearing. Bass player isn't shy either.
What once was old, is new again!  TOP 2018!!!  Even though most of the original band has moved on, as long as David Garibaldi (drums) and Francis Rocco Prestia (bass) are holding down the rhythm section, I'm in!!!;)



(Funk's so thick yr brain's gotta catch up to it!;))

...and I'll admit to being an unapologetic fanboy of Jon Cleary!  Here's a few from his latest; Dyna-Mite!

...and this one ain't got a lick of Funk, but SO much soul, I really love this tune.

Live! One Great Night - Steve Smith & Vital Information

1st track...

So I had to check out the Brian Culbertson. Found Live from the Inside on Tidal and now can’t shut it off! Smooth or not, commercial or otherwise - these guys have SCARY chops. It do swing.  THANKS (I think :-).