If you lost your stereo system would you still ???

Would you still be enthralled by the music. Enjoy and listen to it. How much difference does a fine stereo make to you. Lets say you would have a $500 to listen to. Are you too concerned about the accuracy or would you still listen because you love the nusic. I think I would still listen but would always want more. I think that whats drives us. The audio bug. A $5000 system is not good enough. A $10,000 is not good enough and so on. But what would you do if the $500 system is all you will have to live with. Will you abandon your hobby? I know I would spend less time. Mike
i do most of my listening in rental cars, so the answer is yes. no high end system in the world can compare hearing my cd's blairing from all sides in a garden variety chevy with the windows down in the summer.
Let me ask this question...
If the music you had to listen to was not live...would you still listen to music?
All music is live.Then its dead.Can only be live once.Then its on to CD,record,vinyl......still gets listened to no doubt.Thats why were here looking for playback machines.Can't rely on the Wind and not all people can sing very good,YMMV,Bob
I use a vintage Marantz receiver and older Gershman speakers in a second room.
It is possible to have good sound for $500.
Regardless, it is the music that counts.