If you're a cure fan, and you haven't yet, get the reissue of

Paris, the live recording.  Huge improvement over the original and sounds really good.  Happy listening. 



I just had a listen to the original and it is Horrible. Sounds like a bootleg.



What live album do you like best in terms of SQ + performance?














@lowrider57 this is how i would prolly rank my favorite live recordings:

3.  Rolling Stones Four Flicks DVD, the disc with the Madison Square Garden performance. 

2.  The Eagles Farewell 1 Tour DVD from Melbourne.

1.  The Cure Trilogy on blu-ray.  I love the way it opens with 100 years and punches you in the face.  Not only does it sound incredible, but it looks sharp as hell, too.

I have others, but sadly the sonics just aren't there.

What you got??


Interesting that the best SQ is on Blu-Ray and DVD. I only have Redbook and streaming.



The Cure Anniversary


(Smith’s voice & guitar sound amazing)




Depeche    101




The Mission UK    Live at Shepherd’s Bush




Jeff Beck    Performing This Week: Live at Ronnie Scott’s




Roxy Music    Heart Still Beating
























































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