If your were to assemble a vintage system ?

Let’s say you were going to put together a vintage system and your source was primarily vinyl. Your price limit is $1500. What would it be? 
Make it as musical as possible. Super detail or thunderous bass isn’t going to be very high on the list. My first thought would be a 70’s Marantz receiver (50ish wpc is more than adequate) an 80’s AR table, and any iteration of a Vandersteen 2C that didn’t bust the budget. 

Could easily also swap in a Pioneer SX750 instead of a Marantz. 
Cartridge? Not sure- might actually go with something modern/current. AT or Nagaoka 

what would you put together? 
Already have in the amplifier realm. A mint Pioneer SA-8800 for $450. Also have a Pioneer M-72/C-72 that together ran $850 and a restored Pioneer SX-3800 for $350.
I am in the process of recreating my first real stereo system (to the greatest extent possible). A Sansui 5000X receiver with 60 strong watts per channel, a Thorens TD-160 turntable, a Teac RTR, (original was a 4010-SL, went with an A-4300SX this go-round). Original speakers were Pioneer CS-88As, trying to pick up a pair this weekend, but will also use a pair of Genesis Physics Model 1s and a pair of EPI 100Vs. Cheating a little by using an Adcom GCD-700 run through an MSB Link III DAC. You would be surprised how good the sound is with the Genesis speakers - very tube-like and involving. Definitely not a high-res rig, but the enjoyment factor is through the roof due to the time-traveling sensation. And the components' appearance puts many of today's black boxes to shame.
What I owned in about 1976 I would clearly buy again:

advent 300 receiver $270
rogers LS3/5a- $595
B&O turntable (not the linear tracking) $375

then since you can split the advent as a preamp, add a used EL34 tube amp.  I had a marantz 8 that I paid $225 for, or you could find a dynaco ST70 for a similar price, or a Conrad Johnson MV45 for a bit more money.

total cost ~$1500
Maggie MMG....plenty of used pairs around after the introduction of the .7 and LRS.   

Musical Fidelity A3.2 Integrated amp.  110wpc of high current, but smooth power, and an excellent phono stage.

AR-ES1 TT with an Ortofon or AT cartridge.

Used cables.