If your were to assemble a vintage system ?

Let’s say you were going to put together a vintage system and your source was primarily vinyl. Your price limit is $1500. What would it be? 
Make it as musical as possible. Super detail or thunderous bass isn’t going to be very high on the list. My first thought would be a 70’s Marantz receiver (50ish wpc is more than adequate) an 80’s AR table, and any iteration of a Vandersteen 2C that didn’t bust the budget. 

Could easily also swap in a Pioneer SX750 instead of a Marantz. 
Cartridge? Not sure- might actually go with something modern/current. AT or Nagaoka 

what would you put together? 
I'm all vintage with:
SAE Mk IM pre amp
SAE 2800 parametric equalizer
SAE Mk VI tuner
Thoren's TD 125 TT w/SME 3009 tonearm & Ortofon black cart
Infinity Kappa 8 speakers

My system is vintage. 

My system is set up for vinyl. 

My system costs about 20 times $1,500. 

My system can be seen here: theaudioatticvinylsundays.com

My system may give you ideas: for example, instead of the Futtermans, start out with a Dyna 70 (as I did 51 years ago), etc.
+1 @austinstereo

"This is right in the wheelhouse of our little shop here in Austin. We restore pre 1980 amps, receivers, and turntables for clients. And in our mind, "vintage" ends around 1980. A few suggestions.First, any vintage amplifier or receiver should have recently replaced electrolytic capacitors. It’s a waste of time otherwise. No doubt the reason that some have had bad experiences with period gear. You won’t hear it as intended otherwise.Some speakers age better than others. Classic Klipsch usually need little or no attention, many other mid centuries use foam surround and NPE capacitors that need replacing.Unless vintage cart has a new (not NOS) OEM stylus, it’s best to go with new here. Hard to beat an Ortofon 2M Red or Blue for the money.Some examples with alternates we think will take on many a more expensive modern one:Turntable: Technics SL1200II / P2 as alternateAmplifier: Sansui AU 717 / Luxman R-1050Speakers: ADS L 710 / Klipsch Heresy (original)This particular combos might be tricky to keep in the OPs budget, but it would be well worth it. "

Klipsch ( $400 +) updates from Crites DIY + $100
also receiver choice : sub 40 watt Marantz to keep down costs even 25 or 26 will do fine <$400
should leave you ^600 for the TT + new cartridge and economical cables.
This is a No Fuss system - that will sound sublime.

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op's challenge was 1500 bucks boys n girls...

we can talk all day n night about expensive old gear...